Wonderful World of Diet Pills

In today’s market of ever changing fads there are literally thousands of different products and diets all claiming to help people lose weight and feel better. The is and has always been which one is right for me or even will they help me. Our bodies are extremely complex machines and weight loss cannot be attributed to just one factor. For example some of the key factors that can affect our weight include such things as; obviously diet (including types of food, and just simply overeating), stress (surprised?), genetics, our individual activity level (i.e. how active we are, how much we exercise, and even whether we take the stairs of the elevator). So for advertising agencies to claim that just one pill will work for everyone is a bit of a stretch. In fact its downright impossible.

So what are the different kinds of pills out there?

For starters there are pills that are what are known as fat blockers. Now losing weight just using these pills is highly unlikely as all they can do if block x grams of fat per meal. What they are very useful for is when you are dieting but want to go on a date to a fancy restaurant or even just want to eat your favorite meal; these pills can help mitigate the effects of that so called “cheat meal”.

Another popular type of pill are the so called fat burners. Basically these are pills that by including ingredients such as caffeine (in various forms), green tea, and other various stimulants. Again some people have lost tons of weight using these pills.

Another type are the appetite suppressants, these pills use various supplements to convince the brain that it isn’t hungry working on the theory that if you just simply eat less you will lose weight. So again for some people this will work but not for everyone.

Another popular weight loss supplement type is detox pills (detoxifying). These are another of the keys that can affect your weight is that toxins can build up in your body causing you to gain weight so they have developed these pills to “cleanse” your body of these harmful toxins allowing your body to resume normal functions and for many people allowing their regular diet and exercise to be more effective.

So depending on the various factors that cause you to be overweight will depend on what diet pill works best for you. However there really is no substitution for good old diet and exercise, which is why so many companies recommend you do that in conjunction with taking their supplements. So the key to weight loss is to find what works for you.