Diet Tips – Water For Weight Loss – Effective Or Ineffective?

It has been a discussion between experts about the effectiveness of water for weight loss. In this article, it will highlight the points of each side.

Water for Weight Loss Is Effective

Appetite Suppressant – If you want to lose weight, the health experts recommend to drink water before you eat your meal. In this way, you will reduce the food intake with an average of 75 calories per meal. If you will do the math, just by drinking water before the meal, you will be losing eight pounds per year from the 27,000 total calories that has been reduced annually.

Increase Metabolism – A boost in metabolism can help in losing weight. If you drink ice cold water, not warm, your body needs to warm the water which leads to burning more calories.

Soda Replacement – Based on experts, you need to cut calories if you want to lose weight. Since water has no calories, it is a better alternative for soda. Also, water does not only help you in suppressing your appetite as it also helps fight the thirst which sometimes your mind translates to hunger.

Water for Weight Loss Is Ineffective

Another argument by some experts is that water for weight loss is a fallacy. Here are some points about it.

Hydrates – Water for weight loss is a fallacy because water functions mainly for hydration. You need to drink water because it has the biggest component in the body and most body fluids rely on it. This is the reason why doctors recommend drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day so you will not be able to risk your health. An example of illness which is caused by drinking less water is the urinary tract infection.

Satisfy Thirst – Your mind tricks you when you are thirsty. It gives you a false signal that you are hungry, well in fact you are thirsty. This is the reason why health experts tell that if you feel hungry, you need to drink water so you will not binge on eating food that will increase your body weight. However, if drinking does not suppressed the thirst, it is time to eat. Therefore, you cannot rely on drinking water as a replacement of eating healthy foods. Both should work side by side.