Diet Tips – How to Choose a Weight-Loss Program

Active ImageIf you decide to try a commercial weight-loss program, investigate your options carefully. Naturally, you’ll want a safe, reasonably priced program with features that will meet your unique needs. Here are some questions to consider:

– Are you ready to commit to losing weight and keeping it off? Try to focus on health rather than appearance. You’ll be more successful in the long run.

– Does the program you are considering include ongoing weight-maintenance support?

Quick-fix weight-loss pro­grams won’t give you long-term results. Learning how to maintain your weight by changing eating and other lifestyle behaviors is the key to lifelong health benefits.

– Does the program encourage physical activity?

Exercise not only promotes weight loss; it also helps you maintain a healthy weight. A good program advocates physical activity and shows you how to increase your level of exercise gradually and safely.

– What does the program suggest as your goal weight and how long will it take you to reach it?

Your goal weight should be realistic and based on your personal and family weight history—not just height and weight charts. Remember even a ten-pound weight loss will have positive health benefits. The slower you lose weight, the more likely you are to keep it off. A one-half to one-pound loss per week is a safe goal. (You may lose weight more rapidly at first, but this loss is mosdy water.) If you plan to lose more than twenty pounds, if you have any health problems or if you take medication on a regu­lar basis, consult your doctor

– What is the program format?

If you need a lot of social sup­port, you might want to join a self-help-style group. If you are enthusiastic about exercise, investigate programs offered by health clubs.