Diet Pills – Common Misdiagnoses Due to Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Recently, I sent a couple of my family members to get tested for a gene called Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor. Reason being is the fact I was diagnosed with it myself and learned that it also may be genetic. My doctor wasn’t able to tell me that much about this gene due to the fact that it is pretty new to American Doctors. So I had to do most of the research myself to get any straight answers about this Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Gene. I did find that this gene has been associated with a wide variety of diseases and disorders. The majority of the problems that derive from this particular gene are also a lot of the common complaints that my family members have.
Luckily the family members that did get tested did not come back positive for Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Gene. Instead they came back with test results that revealed Deficiency. This would have been easily overlooked if it wasn’t for the fact that my family members had asked for extensive blood work to be done. Actually Vitamin Deficiency is one of the most common disorders that are overlooked by Physicians. It’s not that your Physician lacks common sense; it’s just that they have been conditioned to look for other ailments. The Prescription Drug Manufacturers target Doctors more then they target us. In fact I read a story written by a man who left medical school in the United States. His reasons had more to do with his morals then anything. In his story he explained that the majority of his classes and seminars focused on prescribing medication rather then preventive healthcare. He ended up moving over seas to do just that, focus on preventative healthcare, not writing out scripts all day.
So you may be wondering what conditions are linked with B12 Deficiency?
Here are the conditions that I was able to find, there may be more.
Pernicious Anemia
The Early onset of Alzheimer’s disease
Muscle Tremors
Strokes at an early age
Metabolic Syndrome
And, Dementia
Like I said before you would have to consult with your Physician to be sure if this is your problem. Especially if you have any of the conditions or symptoms associated with B12 deficiency. The Prescription Drug manufactures are actually counting on the fact that you will be misdiagnosed with the conditions Deficiency mocks. Having the correct diagnosis of B12 Deficiency can save you thousands of dollars in prescription costs. There’s a reason that the Drug Manufacturing Industry is a 275 Billion Dollar a year Corporation. It’s also the reason that Prescription Drug advertising is banned in every country except here in the United States. These countries are tired of people believing that they have all these complex issues that can be corrected by a healthy lifestyle.
Oh, I can’t believe I almost forget to mention this. In the beginning I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Gene, which causes blood clotting. After looking into Vitamin, I learned that the deficiency is what led to the formation of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor. It can also be linked with many other blood clotting disorders as well.
Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin which means your body will flush out what it doesn’t need. So increasing your daily dose is safe as long as it is not in a form of a multi-vitamin that contains fat soluble vitamins.