10 Ways To Save Money And Lose Weight

There’s a common misconception that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive!

In fact, many people use it as an excuse to pass on healthy foods and skip exercising altogether.

But, not only can you eat healthy on a budget, you may even be able to save a little money by changing up your diet, getting regular exercise and losing weight!

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not!

Here are 10 ways to lose weight and save money at the same time!

Reduce Portions – Eating less will not only help you lose weight, but it can help you save money. For example, next time you go out to eat cut your meal in half and box it up right away for a meal tomorrow. You effectively get two meals for the price of one.

Buy Healthy Food – No, not the expensive prepackaged so-called “health” foods, but rather natural whole foods like chicken, salads, vegetables and so on.  In fact, the New York Times reported that you can feed a family of six for about half the price with a meal made up of a salad, roasted chicken and vegetables as you could from McDonald’s!

Skip The Gym – You don’t need to fork over hundreds of dollars a year to exercise in a gym when you can burn calories and get a great workout just about anywhere.  Plus, studies show that just by being more active each day (not including exercise) can help you burn fat!

No More Fad Diets – Diet programs that require you to eat their special, and pricey, prepackaged meals can cost you thousands of dollars a year!  That’s absolutely unnecessary!  If you’re looking for low calorie recipes then you can find them for free on this site!

Cook Your Meals – Not only is cooking your own meals cheaper than eating at most restaurants, you can control exactly what goes in your food!  This will help you keep tabs on the amount of calories, fat, etc.

Take Advantage of Leftovers – As mentioned above, eating half of your meal and saving half is a great way to cut back on calories and save money.  But, another advantage is that it helps save time!  Cooking multiple meals every single day can be tiresome, so cut your cooking time in half by always eating half and saving half for a later meal.

Save At The Doctor – Living a healthy lifestyle has another benefit that many people often overlook: It can save on co-pays!  The obese pay on average $1,429 higher than someone of a normal weight in annual medical costs according to the CDC!

The Great Outdoors – Instead of paying to take your kids to the movies, for example, walk with them to the park and play! Or take the dog for a walk.  The world is your playground and best of all it’s free!

Compare Prices – By spending a little time upfront comparing prices on your favorite healthy foods, you can find the best deals and save hundreds over the course of a year.  And don’t forget to check out local food markets for fresh and cheap produce.

Find A Hobby – Many hobbies like gardening will help save money on vegetables and other produce plus it will hep you burn calories and lose weight.

As you can see, with a little creativity you can not only save a few bucks, but lose weight and improve your health!  It’s a win-win!